Michael Lewis

Hello and welcome to Art Lesson Videos,

My name is Michael Lewis and I am the voice and face of this art instruction website.

You might be wondering why and how I came to Art Lesson Videos.com...

I have been drawing and painting most of my life, working in my studio and outdoors (en plein aire).

My teaching career bagan in 1980 when I organized and taught an art class for our local ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) in New Mexico. I was so impressed by the results of these amazing people and their work which said so much about their feelings and ideas.

During the 1990's I created 14 public art projects throughout New Mexico. Most of the projects were located in public schools, involving more than 10,000 New Mexican kids. Once again, I was amazed at what these elementary and high school students could do. Today, I continue to offer art workshops for children and adults in my studio and continue to be amazed.

I am convinced that anyone can become an accomplished artist if they have the desire, get good instruction in the fundamentals and well, ...PAINT!

My first goal is to introduce art and teach drawing and painting skills to anyone who desires to learn. Each artist grows and matures in their own way but all artists share the same first steps mastering the fundamentals.

My second goal is to share my knowledge and experience with those of you already painting but running into difficulties, as we all do, now and then. These videos are short and very focused on particular areas that can be problematic.

So, I invite you to sample a few of our free videos. I know if you are a beginner, you are creative because you are human and I invite you to explore and ignite your creative side.

And if you are already painting, I invite you to take what is helpful from my lifetime of learning to continue your creative journey.

Peace and Happy Painting!

Michael Lewis

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